Mehmet Hamdi Örüm, Aysun Kalenderoğlu

Adıyaman Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Psikiyatri Anabilim Dalı, Adıyaman, Türkiye

Keywords: In vitro fertilization; maternal attachment; postpartum depression; woman


The postpartum period is a challenging period of life in which the stress level of the individual is increased, besides the physiological changes in the mother. A great majority of studies reported that levels of postpartum depression symptoms were similar in women who received treatment with assisted reproduction techniques and in spontaneously pregnant women, or higher in the second group. While this is the case, there is a perception in society, health personnel, even in patients themselves that women who have babies via infertility treatment have no complaints of depression. In this case report, we discuss a 36-year-old patient from different angles, who conceived with the fifth in vitro fertilization treatment and had various psychiatric problems during the pregnancy and the postpartum period.